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There are many different types of highlights to create the vision you want including, low lights, highlights, baby lights, flash lights and color melting:

  • Highlighting is usually achieved through the use of lightener applied within foil packets. The lightener is often applied closer to the root and is used to create an all over lightening of the hair rather than the popular "ombre" effect. You can choose to have a full head or partial highlights depending on the look you want to achieve.

  • Baby lights are very delicate highlights created using a fine color technique to mimic that of naturally highlighted hair from the sun.

  • Lowlights are applied in the same technique as highlights, but in contrast to highlights they are used to darken pieces of hair to give hair further depth.

  • Flash lights are smaller sections (normally consisting of 5-10 foils) of hair that are highlighted often to give depth or a pop of color around your face. Flash highlights are a great alternative on short hair to give balance and dimension.

  • Color melting is a technique that blends highlights with the base color of your hair so the color blends seamlessly. Multiple colors may be used to create a smooth transition and natural looking color

  • Foilayage is a painting technique done in foils that will mimic the look of balayage. When heat from the foils is involved, the hair can lift lighter than being painted on in open air processing.

  • Teasylights gets the most lift while still mimicking the look of balayage. Also using foil for heat, the hair is teased up for soft diffusion and wrapped. Just remember to be patient for the brush out process after shampooing.

  • Highlights and shadow root. This is a great route to go for a brighter balayage look as well. Highlights get great lift in a foil and the shadow root takes away any lines at the root.

  • Combination techniques. I love combining babylights with teasylights or shadow rooting. It just depends on where the hair is starting from and what the end goal is.

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