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Balayage Near Me

Top Balayage Near Me

Balayage and Ombré’ is one of the hottest trending hair colors offered at Gleaming Goddess Hair Lounge. 

If you want to try an ombré style or refresh your current balayage, you can count on Roe (Owner), one of the best hair stylists in the area, to guide you in the right direction. 


Roe describes the difference between balayage and ombré. Balayage is a dynamic hair brightening highlight technique creating a natural-looking dimensional depth that looks amazing on anyone.


Ombré hair color technique is best for someone that wants a smooth transition from darker roots to lightness at the mid-length and ends. 


Besides balayage or ombré hair color, she specializes in corrective hair coloring, naturalistic hair highlighting to vivid bleaching techniques.


If you are interested in any of the hair coloring techniques such as balayage or ombré near me, please contact the hair salon to schedule an appointment. Gleaming Goddess Hair Lounge is a private suite-style hair salon providing hair services in a safe, clean environment following all Covid-19 regulations.

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