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Hair Salon Product Line

L'ANZA Healing Hair Color

Gleaming Goddess Hair Lounge only procures the best and that's L'ANZA's healing hair color line and hair care products. Their ingredients are not only green friendly but the Keratin, Phyto IV, Flower Shield, and Moisture Retain complex have been upgraded to nano science to allow deeper penetration into the hair shaft across the entire product line.


Donna Bella Hair

Why Donna Bella Hair? Donna Bella Hair is an industry leader providing professional 100% Remy human hair extensions to thousands of stylists across North America. All hair extensions are handcrafted with the cuticle intact by trained experts. Additionally, we have established relationships with dedicated manufacturing facilities and two quality assurance checkpoints in our manufacturing process to ensure consistency.

Sweet Hair Smoothing System

Finally, the New Generation of Hair Smoothing is Sweet Hair. Always formaldehyde-free. The Sweet Hair Professional Smoothing System is a customizable and innovative system of thermal smoothing without harsh chemicals THREE PROCESSES IN ONE SYSTEM: Full Smoothing, Volume Reduction, or Frizz Elimination.


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