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Hair Extensions Near Me

Get Hair Extensions Near Me

Do you want more hair?  Gleaming Goddess Hair Lounge is a luxurious private suite-style hair salon in Bethesda, providing hair extensions services performed by a top professional. Quickly change your look with hair extension.

Hair Extensions make you feel more feminine, attractive, and instantly boost your confidence. 


Hair extensions are a quick, easy and seamless way to add both length and volume to your hairstyle. Hair extensions can provide an alternative from committing to a balayage, ombre, or highlights.


If you are looking for hair extensions near me, book a complimentary consultation at Gleaming Goddess Hair Lounge. Certified hair extension expert, Roe uses top quality hair extensions products available on the market to create a seamless, natural and beautiful look. 


Gleaming Goddess Hair Lounge is a suite-style hair salon providing hair services in a safe, clean environment following all Covid-19 regulations. If you are ready for hair extensions or need to refresh your current extensions, for more information, please schedule your complimentary consultation.

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